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Zim: A “Smart” 3D Printer

The Zim 3D Printer by Zeepro

Making 3D Printing Simple, Convenient, and Fun For Everyone!

The Zim 3D Printer has to be the best “Smart” 3D Printer we have seen to date. The Zim has its focus on being incredibly feature packed and fast while being simple to operate and easy to afford. The Zim is offered as a standard single headed 3D Printer as well as having a dual-head option. Zim comes fully assembled and ready to use out-of-the-box. Zim is a first of its kind as not only does this Printer enable your to connect to and control it via WiFi and Ethernet through your computer,kickstarter|http://www.kickstarter.com/download/kickstarter-badge-funded.png Smartphone, or Tablet device, it also has a tiny camera on-board which allows you to check up on your Prints when you’re not even there! The dual-head version of the Zim allows you to Print in up to two different colors at the same time. Zim also features refillable Printer cartridges that allow you to use common Filaments, such as the 1.75mm and 3.0mm size Filaments; this saves you money by being able to shop around for the best prices for your Filaments and at the same time the cartridges keep your Filament neat and easy to manage.

Zim works with both ABS and PLA Filament. It also offers Printing modes that tailor to beginners, experts, and everyone in between allowing you a combination

Zim’s Print Volume

of complete control over your Prints and ease of operation of the 3D Printer. Zim has a Print Resolution as low as 80 microns per Layer with a total Build Volume of 205inĀ³. Zim was brought to life due to the power of Open Source software, this also means that many free modeling softwares will work with your Zim, saving you even more money! This Zeepro creation is also compatible with Windows 8.1,which is Microsoft’s upgrade to Windows 8 with 3D Printing specifically in mind. During the Kickstarter campaign you can claim your Zim for as little as $599 USD for a single-head version or $799 USD for a dual-head version (prices don‘t include tax or shipping). Below you can watch Zeepro introduce you to the Zim!

Happy Printing!


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