» » » Zeni Kinetic Is Helping Provide Affordable 3D Printing For Schools

Zeni Kinetic Is Helping Provide Affordable 3D Printing For Schools

Zeni Kinetic Is Giving Away 3D Printer Filament To Schools and Education-Focused Nonprofits

Zeni Kinetic understands that a school attempting to enhance the educational experience of its students won’t get very much for its efforts if 3D Printer Filament isn’t affordable. Just like ink for traditional printers, 3D Printer Filaments are consumables that have to be re-purchased or recycled and recovered. 1kg/2.2lbs of Filament averages between $20 and $40 USD for the most common types, such as ABS and PLA. How quickly Filament is consumed is of course relative to how efficiently a given 3D Printer uses Filament, how often objects are 3D Printed, and how large the objects being 3D Printed are. Zeni Kinetic is an American company and their free and low-cost Filaments are all made in America. Helping provide affordable 3D Printing for schools is not just a good idea but a necessity for many schools afflicted by budget cuts.

If you aren’t an educational institution or Nonprofit you can still support Kinetic by purchasing their Filaments; shop with confidence as all Filaments come with a 90 day money-back guarantee and enjoy free shipping for all order over $50 USD. The pilot grant program, “3D Printing Education Initiative”, provides a 30% to 50% discount on all of their Filaments and completely free Filament on a Grant basis. Zeni Kinetic isn’t new to 3D Filament manufacture, Kinetic is actually an industry leader and is offering PLA Filament in both 1.75mm and 3.0mm sizes. If you are a Nonprofit or education institution you can apply to the pilot program here

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