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The “You Design” 3D Printing Startup

The “You Design” Startup

by Mike Kroeger II

A Design File Marketplace

mike_kroeger_of_you_design|https://twitter.com/mikekroeger2You Design is an online design-to-3D Printed startup with a very unselfish approach. Mike Kroeger of You Design is on a mission to create an online market place where your you can make and sell your designs to others with a business-class website as the foundation. This marketplace would allow you to keep 70% of your profits and also be a social community for other designers. You Design would also offer a  Scan-to-Print service which would allow you to mail an object to be scanned and recreated with a 3D Printer. You can see an example of a 3D Scanner here. Mr. Kroeger adds a very personal touch to his campaign on his indiegogo (a crowdfunding site similar to Kickstarter) page by sharing his story and his motivation behind You Design. We also appreciate the personal touch through the handwritten thank you letters Mr. Kroeger would send to supporters that contribute as little as $5USD. As it should be, all designs someone would make using the You Design service would be the property of that person and not the service/company. For contributions of $25USD and above, and the campaign raising at least $15,000USD, the contributor would automatically be entered into a contest to win a 3D Printer of their choice up to $3500USD in value! The higher the contribution the greater the number of submissions the contributor receives in the raffle. At the $250USD contribution level you would also automatically receive a 3Doodler Pen which allows you to make 3D Printed objects without the use of a computer, software, or 3D Printer. At the $300USD contribution level you would instead receive a Doodle3D box which allows you to make sketches on any Internet enabled device and have it wirelessly sent to your 3D Printer for Printing. View the You Design campaign page and the other perks inside each contribution level here.


Happy Designing!

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