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What Is A 3D Printer?

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What_Is_A_3D_Printer?|ben_ostenn_on_flickr|http://farm5.staticflickr.com/4009/4392589723_b3845892db_b.jpgA 3D Printer is best thought of in relation to your regular home Printer; your ink Printer at home uses ink to print text and images on paper, a 3D Printer works by using materials such as plastic and metal to print 3-dimensional (3D) objects. How can a 3D Printer use plastic, metal, and other materials to print? With most of the materials that are currently available for a 3D Printer to work with, the material is simply heated up until it becomes soft so that it can be molded into something that you want; anyone else ever accidentally over-heated a Tupperware container before they became microwave-safe? A tasty example is picturing ice cream coming out of a soft-serve ice cream machine, how it comes pouring slowly out unto the ice cream cone and the ice cream man/woman would move the cone in a circle so that the ice cream made a swirly layer. 3D Printers work be taking, for example, plastic as if it were the ice cream, and then layers it; the design file, simply the pattern, you give your 3D Printer, tells it what it should Print.

There are many fun ways to get involved with 3D Printing. You can benefit from being able to make your own 3D Printed creations for fun, for sale, or for any other reason. 3D Printers becoming much more affordable for the general population is a huge benefit as more people become involved, newer and better applications and ideas will emerge. 3D Printers are already being used by doctors and hospitals to create life saving body parts such as synthetic blood vessels. Some people are already experimenting with making a better type of cast to help speed up the recovery of bone injury’s. One of the most touching medical story’s in our opinion is that of a little girl named Emma who was was able to use her arms for the first time because of a 3D Printer; Emma affectionally named her 3D Printed exoskeleton her “Magic Arms”. A 3D Printer is actually much simpler of a machine then you might expect. You can go here for an explanation as to the basic parts of a 3D Printer and what they do to Print objects.

The importance of the 3D Printer revolution can not be emphasized enough as local 3D Printing operations and people with home printers can bring manufacturing back to their local area and even on a more local scale. If you are ready to buy a 3D Printer you can go here but I recommend going through the entire Basics section before you make your final decision so you can make sure what you buy is what’s best for what you would like to do. You can also go here to learn the various types of 3D Printing as this post focuses on Fused Filament Fabrication/Fused Deposition Modeling (FFF/FDM) which is the least expensive and most common form among non-commercial entity’s. Take a look at the short video below to watch a 3D Printer in action!

You Can See More Videos Of 3D Printers In Action By Visiting Our Youtube Channel

Happy Printing!

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      I think we were hungry when we rote it 🙂 We are very glad that we are able to help you understand 3D Printers and 3D Printing

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