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What Is 3D Printing?

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Think of your Printer at home. Most of us use our home printers to print documents. You open your text editing program such as Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer to view your document and then you choose the option to print that document so you can file it or share it physically. The document tells your Printer what to print. If you pressed the print option below this post it would print the words that you are reading now along with any images.

A 3D Printer uses a blueprint,called a Design File, you provide the Printer the blueprint and it will print what the blueprint tells it to. The blueprint is a 3D printers “text document”. For example, If we selected the words, PRINTING THE FUTURE, to print on a regular home Printer it would print those words on a sheet of paper. If we did so with a 3D Printer, the blueprint would tell the Printer how big to make each letter, how tall, the style of the font , and so on. If my 3D Printer was using plastic as the material for Printing instead of the traditional Printer ink then we would get a physical representation of those words that would look something like this:


We would know have our slogan in red, plastic, 3 dimensional lettering that we can place on anything we want. This a simple task for a 3D Printer, there are many complex tasks that many of the printers can perform as well. We hope you enjoy the world of 3D printers, thank you for allowing All About 3D Printing to introduce you to it and keep you “in the know” of the 3D Printing world. To learn more about 3D Printing we recommend that if you don’t already understand how a 3D Printer works to visit our “The Parts Of A 3D Printer” page and then “The Basics” section of the website. You can also go here to learn the various types of 3D Printing as this post focuses on Fused Filament Fabrication/Fused Deposition Modeling (FFF/FDM) which is the least expensive and most common form among non-commercial entity’s.

Yoda Made With A 3D Printer

Happy Printing!

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