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The Solidoodle 3D Printer

The Solidoodle 3D Printer: Fully Assembled And Under $500USD!

Solidoodle Base Model

The Solidoodle 3D Printers come in three different options, the Base model, the Professional(Pro) model, and the Expert model. The Base model comes in at a modest $499USD.  The main different between the Base model and the Expert and Professional models is that the Base model Does Not  have a heated Print Bed which is beneficial in making sure your finished products do not have cracks or other deformities. The heated Print Bed prevents rapid cooling of the plastic which would cause these problems. You can still have quality finished products without deformities without a heated Print Bed but it is much easier and largely worry-free to have one.

You can choose the Expert model which adds the heated Print Bed and would bring your Solidoodle 3D Printer to just under $600USD. For this additinal cost of about $100USD not only do you get the heated Print Bed but Solidoodle also adds an interior light to your 3D Printer as well as a spool holder which helps keep your Print Filament from tangling, making it easier to leave your Solidoodle unattended to Print your creations. You can purchase any of these models here.


The Base and Pro models both have open frames. The only additions in the Expert model is that of a fully enclosed case with a see-through acrylic door. The Expert model

Solidoodle Expert Model

comes in at just under $700USD. All of the Solidoodle 3D Printers above are from Solidoodle’s 2nd generation line up. Solidoodle has a 3rd generation 3D Printer which is now available for pre-order. This Solidoodle 3D Printer is the same as the Expert model except it doubles the Print Volume area allowing you to Print objects up to twice the size of the regular Expert model. This 3rd generation Printer comes in at just under $800USD.

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