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The MakiBox 3D Printer

MakiBox Is A Full-Featured 3D Printer For Less Than $300USD


The Makibox 3D Printer is a great example of a quality and affordable 3D Printer to get you started in your 3D Printing adventure.  The MakiBox comes with all but the simplest parts already assembled in order to save as much money as possible and leaving you very little to do.  The MakiBox option that starts at $279USD also comes with a heated print bed which ensures your 3D creations will set and cool properly so there wont be any cracks or other imperfections in your creations. The extruder (The part that makes the plastic/printer filament hot) is also one of the most efficient available which is incredible for a 3D Printer with this price tag.

The MakiBox is a 3D Printer with a Printing output size that is good for Printing objects that are relatively small is size such as cell phone cases. The MakiBox A6 LT, which is the base kit for $200USD, is good for lower temperature plastics/printer filaments such as PLA filament; if you would also like to be able to print with ABS filament, or other high-temperature filaments, we recommend purchasing the A6 HT model which comes with the heated printer bed that ensures your 3D creations will come out well. The A6 HT also gives you the option of a black or yellow acrylic (simply a see-through plastic) case in addition to the clear case option. We would recommend this “model” for your children as it is enclosed for greater safety (young children should ALWAYS be supervised) and your kids will enjoy being able to watch the Printer in action! We also recommend this option over the base model as the heated print bed allows for the use of ABS plastic filament which gives off far less fumes than PLA filament.

Not a fan of acrylic; Makibox’s final 3D Printer kit option is the A6 HT Stainless. The only technical difference between the A6 HT and the A6 HT stainless is that the casing of the second Printer is steel rather than acylic like the A6 LT; price-wise the stainless steel A6 HT comes in at $350USD. A transparent 3D Printer is very attractive and acrylic is quite tough but If you will be using yours in a workshop or will travel with it often we recommend purchasing the stainless steel option. Visit the Makibox Home Page to learn more about their 3D Printers and as always, Happy Printing!

Makibox In Action!

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