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The Kossel Clear 3D Printer

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The Kossel Clear

by Blue Eagle Labs

“See Full Picture And Video Of The Kossel Clear At The End Of This Post”

The Kossel Clear is an elegant full-featured 3D Printer built in what is called a Delta design. Delta 3D Printers have three Stepper Motors rather than the two most 3D Printers have in order to move the Extruder/Print Nozzle along the Printers usable range of motion. The “extra” Stepper Motor allows smoother and faster operation especially over large Print volumes; the Printing of a large object. As you can see from the picture of the Kossel Clear, due to its design you can perform tall Print jobs. Though elegant, the Kossel Clear is not high maintenance and can adapt to the bumps you may subject it to while traveling. The Kossel Clear incorporates and auto-calibration¬†(automatic calibration)¬†feature in which each time you move or setup your Printer the Print Bed will automatically level itself to ensure accurate Prints!

The acrylic frame is what gives the Kossel its see-through elegance. Arcylic is a transparent plastic that is water-proof and heat resistant. If you aren’t a fan of acrylic frames or just plastic frames in general,¬† the manufacturer, Blue Eagle Labs, offers an option of the frame for the arms that move the Extruder to be made from aluminum instead and adds only $30USD to the final cost of your Printer. Blue Eagle Labs offers their Printer in a PLA only model and a model that can Print with both PLA and ABS filaments. We recommend you choose the upgraded model that can use both Filaments, which is the ABS model. We do not say this because there is something wrong with the PLA only model but rather being able to also Print with ABS will allow you more Print options as ABS plastic does better with higher temperature Prints and is more durable than PLA plastic. ABS plastic also tolerates weight better and generates less fumes during your Print.

I am sure by now you are anxious to know the price of such a Printer. The PLA only Kossel Clear comes in at a tremendously respectable $550USD!. At the time of this article you can get an early bird special PLA only Kossel Clear for $500USD on their Kickstarter page. The Kossel Clear model that can also Print with ABS comes in at $600USD for early bird and $650 afterwards. These previous option are Do It Yourself (DIY) kits, meaning you will receive the parts of your Printer and the instructions in order to assemble it. If you want your Printer already assembled then the PLA only Kossel Clear increases to $1000USD and ABS to $1100USD. Blue Eagle Labs also has other upgrades for your KC Printer. You can add an LCD screen which will provide you with instant feedback from your KC without even looking at your computer screen. The LCD upgrade also adds an SD Card Reader which allows you to again use your KC without a computer; you can load design files unto an SD card and have your KC Print them just be inserting the card and selecting the file to Print! You can add the LCD and SD card reader for only $60USD. If you happen to miss the early bird specials you can simply order your Kossel Clear from the Blue Eagle Labs website.

Kossel Clear by Blue Eagle Labs


Happy Printing!

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