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The gMax 3D Printer

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The gMax 3D Printer has its focus on maximizing your Print Volume, allowing you to Print even larger objects with this traditionally framed Printer. The gMax boasts a total Print Volume of 2.304 cubic inches. The gMax 3D Printer doesn’t sacrifice Print quality to achieve its above average Print Volume, it is capable of Printing with up to a .75 micron layer height which is impressive, especially for larger objects. You can see an example of the quality in the image below.

gMax 3D Printer Print Resolution Example

The gMax 3D Printer also features a 16 inch acrylic Print Bed. As time goes on more and more Makers are adding features to their Printers to minimize the need for a computer to always accompany your Printer. gMax achieves this by adding a LCD screen and SD Card Reader to the Printer. The LCD screen gives you temperature read outs and other feedback about your 3D Printer while the SD Card Slot gives you the ability to load Design Files directly to the Printer for Printing. The Frame of the gMax 3D Printer is made almost entirely of aluminum, which has proven to be one of the best metals to construct a 3D Printer with as it is strong, rigid, and very resistant to rust and corrosion. gMax incorporates springs in between the joints of their Printer which further reduces any vibration which would affect the accuracy of your Print.

Aluminum Rods Of The gMax 3D Printer Frame

gMax also states that the gears used in their Printer will make sure that your Filament is pulled to the Extruder properly; the action of your 3D Printer “grabbing” your Filament and then feeding it to the Extruder is very critical as a poor mechanism would cause your Filament to tangle or cause gaps and other deformities in your Prints. The Extruder of the gMax is also modular; it can be easily replaced with other heads, such as those used for CNC milling, cutting, drilling, and other jobs. Take note that the Extruder that comes with your gMax 3D Printer is limited to 247 degrees Fahrenheit/~120 degrees Celsius. so while the gMax will work perfectly with Filaments such as PLA and ABS it will not work with specialized Filaments such as Taulman 618, Taulman 645, or Laywoo D3, as they require your Printer to operate at higher temperatures. Do remember though, that the Extruder can be swapped to a third-party one. At the time of this post gMax has an ongoing Crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with 30 days to go and they have already surpassed their funding goal! You can get your gMax for $1,295 on their Kickstarter Page while the campaign is going on.

gMax Presents Their Printer

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