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The Doodle3D Software

Your 2D Sketches To 3D Prints


by Rick Companje of the FabLab Amersfoort Company

The Doodle3D software enables you to make 2D sketches to then be Printed with your 3D Printer. Rick Companje’s idea was that he wanted to create a doodle3d_on_tablet|https://s3.amazonaws.com/ksr/assets/000/473/430/858cdca50d81fee9eca2787f83c5471a_large.jpg?1364391670software that would allow anyone who could use a pencil be able to bring their sketches to life with a 3D Printer. The Doodle3D by Rick Companje is not to be confused with the 3Doodler Pen by Wobble Works. The Doodle3D will work from your computer, smartphone, or tablet device as it works through the web browser of the device; it isn’t software alone, it comes with a WiFi enabled box that wirelessly connects the device you are using the software on to your 3D Printer for an immediate Print whether using your computer or mobile device without a computer. The software is actually fed to your device from the WiFi enabled box, image of the box is at the very top of this post. Shipping of the Doodle3D unit and software is expected in September 2013 and will cost approximately $110USD, not including possible customs charges for customers outside of the Netherlands as well as shipping charges. You can pre-order your Doodle3D here. Watch the product video below.

Happy Doodling!

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