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TGlass 3D Printer Filament

The TGlass 3D Printer Filament

“The Best Of Both Worlds”

by Taulman 3D

TGlass, or T-Glase, is short for “Tough Glass” and isĀ  from the same company which brought you Filaments such as the Taulman 618 Filament and the Taulman 645 High-Strength Filament. Although TGlass is targeted as a low temperature industrial Filament it is also excellent for personal projects. TGlass is strong like the Taulman 645 Filament but is stiff rather than flexible, making it a great substitute for ABS Filament. TGlass was heavily motivated by the fact that many in the 3D Printing Community have PLA-Only 3D Printers. PLA Filament is increasing in popularity as it is non-toxic, releases no fumes and a milder odor than ABS Filament; the fumes it does release smell like syrup rather than hot plastic. As PLA Printers can only Print at lower temperatures a growing part of the community could not benefit from Taulman’s special Filaments, namely the Taulman 618 and 645 High-Strength Filaments which need temperatures in excess of 230 degrees Celsius/446tglass_3d_printer_filament_examles|http://taulman3d.com/uploads/3/1/1/2/3112210/_9861457_orig.jpg degrees Fahrenheit for Printing. The recommended temperature range for TGlass is between 212 and 224 degrees Celsius/~414 to 435 degrees Fahrenheit; this range falls within the recommended PLA Print temperature range of 180 to 220 degrees Celsius/356 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. Even though TGlass is targeted at offering a transparent high-strength Filament for PLA-only Printers be aware of the operating capabilities of your Printer as not all PLA Printers can achieve the recommended TGlass Print temperature.

TGlass’s non-toxicity has enabled it to be FDA approved for use in food containers and in other applications involving the direct contact with food. Also, even though TGlass isn’t biodegradable it is considered 100% reclaimable; that is to mean that TGlass can be recycled and reused. TGlass can even be mixed in with waste, such as disposed water bottles, to make new Filament. Since TGlass doesn’t need a heated Print Bed it will stick to glass and other Print Beds. Taulman 3D plans on releasing TGlass in multiple colors by the end of the year. You can buy TGlass on Taulman 3D’s website; buy 1.75mm here or 3.0mm here. We are very happy to see companies like Taulman 3D working to make sure everyone in the 3D Printing community can benefit from their products.


  • Strong Like Taulman 645
  • Emits No Odors/Fumes
  • Recyclable/Reusable
  • Pla-Only Printer Friendly/No Heated Print Bed Required
  • Excellent alternative to both ABS and PLA
  • Great For Projects Needing A Stiff Material
  • Excellent For Industrial Environments
  • FDA Approved For Use In Food Containers
  • Not Biodegradeable

Happy and Better Printing!


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