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Taulman 645 High-Strength 3D Printer Filament

Taulman 645

High Strength, Durable, and Non-Toxic

Taulman 645 String Supporting 10lbs!

The Taulman 645 3D Printer Filament is made by the same company that produces Taulman 618. 645 is a very high strength and durable Nylon-based Filament. Like Taulman 618 it excels at artistic projects as well. Taulman 645 is strongest when the layer height of the filament matches the diameter measurement of your Extruder Tip/Print Nozzle; a 1 to 1 (1:1) ratio. 645 is transparent by nature but can be colored using dyes. Not only is 645 structurally strong, a large part of its durability is due to 645 having a very high resistance to degradation/break down from being exposed to chemicals, making it especially suitable for industrial environments. According to the creator, on taulman3d.com;Greater resistance to chlorine, chlorides and bromides in addition to Alcohols, Resins+MEK, Oils, Acetone, Most all Alkaline, most 2 part Casting Compounds“. 

Taulman_645_Artisitc_Lamp_by_Ben_Malouf|Ben Malouf Provided artistic uses of taulman 645
by Ben Malouf

Taulman 645 also works very well as a plastic for screens due to its transparency/clarity when light passes through it. It has a Print temperature range of  230 degrees Celcius/446 degrees Fahrenheit to 265 degrees Celcius/509 degrees Fahrenheit. This Taulman Filament also has the benefit of being non-toxic; no harsh additives or chemicals. Just like its cousin, Taulman 618, we recommend covering your Print Bed with Blue Painters Tape or Poplar Wood so that your object will stick/rest properly on the bed. After the summary below you can watch an object being Printed with 645.

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  • High Stength
  • Durable
  • Non-Toxic
  • Good For Artistic Projects
  • Highly Resistant To Break Down From Abrasive/Harsh Chemicals
  • Good For Industrial Environment

Watch A 3D Printer Printing A Skull With Taulman 645

Happy Printing


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