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The Taulman 618 3D Printer Filament

Taulman 618

A Nylon 3D Printer Filament

Create Gorgeous Works Of Art With Taulman 618

Taulman 618 is also known as Nylon 618, it does not require any special adjustments be made to your 3D Printer in order to Print with it. It will not, however, stick to a glass or aluminum Print Bed. It is recommended that you cover your Print Bed with Unfinished Poplar Wood or Blue Painters Tape to get this Filament to hold firm to your Print Bed; also a temperature setting on your 3D Printer of 245 degrees Celsius/473 degrees Fahrenheit will also help ensure your object doesn’t warp during/after Printing. Both Poplar Wood and Blue Painters Tape are normally inexpensive and easily found at your local hardware store. Taulman 618 is great for use around children and others with sensitive respiratory systems as this Filament does not release any fumes or odors. Sometimes a puff of white “smoke” can be seen when Printing with Taulman 618 but that is water vapor being released when the heating element/Extruder

Printed With Taulman 618

heats the Filament. 618 has a tendency to absorb moisture so we recommend keeping it out of high humidity and to also allow it to dry if it becomes wet/exposed to excessive moisture before Printing with it. It is also a good idea to allow the Filament to sit for about 24 hours after it has been shipped to you/bought to allow excessive moisture to come out. Store your Nylon away from humidity when not in use as it will absorb moisture from the air within 18 hours. Printing with wet Nylon will cause “bubbling” in your Print/Printed object. You can go here for an extensive description and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page about 618. Below you can see a summary of the Pro’s and Con’s of this Nylon based Filament as well as a video of a 3D Printer in action with 618; you can see the object being Printed on top of Blue Painters Tape and the video also shows a good example of what bubbling looks like. If you are ready to get some 618, amazon.com has some ready to ship.


  • No Fumes
  • No Odors
  • Great For Decorative Projects
  • Great For Use Around Children/Elderly
  • Does Not Require Special Adjustments To Your 3D Printer/A Special 3D Printer
  • Has A Tendency To Absorb Moisture
  • Will Not Stick/Adhere To Common Glass/Aluminum Print Beds
  • Extra Materials Recommended For Printing (Poplar Wood/Blue Painters Tape)

Watch Taulman/Nylon 618 In Action!

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Happy Printing!

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