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Special 3D Printers Set To Print Living Tissue

3D Printing Life?

3D Printers have made a lot of what we used to view as science fiction a reality. Not only can 3D Printers build what your mind creates, some 3D Printers can even reproduce themselves. Innovation in the medical field is one of the most promising areas for 3D Printing technology; but is there a limit to what we should allow the technology to accomplish? The Gartner Research Firm expects 2014 to be the year of significant advancements in 3D Bio-Printing. 3D Bio-Printing is exactly as it sounds, fabricating living tissue via 3D Printing (additive manufacturing). The proposed goal of Bio-Printing is to help remedy a crisis that isn’t well known outside of hospitals, clinics, and the people actually affected.
It is common for people in need of organ transplants to wait months, even over a year, for a donor organ. Some of these people even die waiting. Bio-Printing would allow medical professionals to make organs on-demand the same way a regular 3D Printer can with Plastic and other materials. 3D Printers have been capable of making living tissue for some time now as CBS News reported last year of scientists producing livers, kidneys, and other body parts in a lab. Does a special governing body need to be instituted to prevent Bio-Printing from replicating more than just individual organs, causing a serious ethical dilemma or should the technology advance unrestricted? We would love to hear what you think in the comments section below.

source | benzinga.com

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