» » » South African Carpenter Continues To Change Lives With Low Cost Prosthetics

South African Carpenter Continues To Change Lives With Low Cost Prosthetics

Changing Lives With The RoboHand

Earlier least year will told you about a South African carpenter who lost four of his fingers in an accident with his table saw. This carpenter, Richard Van As, was

Richard Van As, the maker of the RoboHand

determined to continue his passion. Richard discovered 3D Printing and with it developed a prosthetic hand which he calls the Robohand. Richard freely gave custom-fitted Robohands to children afflicted by birth defects in his community. He has custom-fitted Robohands for over 100 children and adults and has even started his own Nonprofit organization to continue to help as many people as he can. What’s so amazing about the fitting for Flippie, the man in the photo at the very top of this article, is that traditional prosthetic arms would have cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to fit and make for Flippie while Richard accomplished this with 3D Printing for under $500! The Robohand also directly tackles the difficulty that people who have lost fingers have in obtaining prosthetic assistance as most traditional equipment is intended for partial or whole limb supplementation rather than just digits like fingers or toes.You can find out more about Richard and the Robohand at cbsnew.com
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