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Robotic Automobile Welder Transformed Into A 3D Printer!

Robotic 3D Printer Arm

Automobile Manufacturing Robot Changes Careers

Joris Laarman is a designer who transformed an automated welding machine used for car manufacturing into a Robotic 3D Printer that can draw lines in mid-air and without the need for support. This Printer is known as the MX3D and uses various metals, including Aluminum, Steel, Copper, to 3D Print lines at virtually any angle via Extrusion (FDM). The special Filament used is actually a combination of Resin and heated metal allowing the perfect blend between flexibility and stiffness. The MX3D can construct more than just straight lines or fancy curves, it also builds complex shapes using an action similar to soldering by crossing lines at various points over existing ones. Laarman plasn on combining this 3D Printing technique with concrete to enable the MX3D to build reinforced concrete structures. We see that as being very useful is disaster recovery areas or on-the-fly shelters for approaching natural disasters.

source | dezeen.com

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