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The RoboBeast 3D Printer Is Tough As Nails But Easy On The Wallet

Maker of The RoboHand Reveals World’s Toughest 3D Printer

RoboBeast is an Out-The-Box 3D Printer that doesn’t require any hardware or software setup. RoboBeast is made for the 3D hobbyist or professional that’s on the move and won’t leave you in calibration hell every time something bumps your 3D Printer. This Printer can even be relocated mid-Print without the project being ruined; this feature is especially useful if you envision having to make replacement parts while in a moving vehicle.

The Beast is built to last with custom Aluminum parts. Most of the electronics are standard off-the-shelf parts, including touch-screen controls and an SD Card Reader for computer-less operation. An added bonus of the Card Reader is that it comes preloaded with Design Files for the RoboHand; RoboHand is a customizable Prosthetic hand intended to help those who have lost fingers. The RoboBeast is currently an operational Printer but the Maker, Richard Van As, is planning on adding a 5-hour battery for an ultimately mobile 3D Printer. The cost of the final version of the RoboBeast is expected to be about $2,500 USD and Van As plans on making it available within a few months.

You can find out more about the Beast on its website.

source | htxt.co.za

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