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Rinstruct was created to address an issue which causes quite a few people to quit their 3D Printing journey before it really begins. Many things in life take quite a bit of time, effort, and persistence. A solid assembly/instruction manual can go a long way in saving your time, lessening your effort, and rewarding your persistence. Not everyone can pick up a pile of nuts, bolts, screws, rods, wires, and other materials and piece together a 3D Printer as if their changing a house-hold light bulb. The Rinstruct website has a very clean and minimal interface allowing you to search for what you need without unnecessary distractions. Considering that Rinstruct is a free service we are very impressed that there are minimal Ads and the download page for a manual has a very obvious one-step download button that takes you directly to the PDF version of a manual. As the 3D Printing Revolution marches on we hope to see more services for the Maker community similar to Rinstruct. Also, their manuals aren’t only limited to 3D Printers; check them out at rinstruct.com

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