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Rigidbot 3D Printer On Kickstarter


by inventapart.com

The Rigidbot 3D printer is a very unique and affordable 3D printer. It comes in 2 different sizes and can be ordered either fully assembled or as a kit in which you would have to assemble the printer yourself but is an even more affordable option. We feel as though the best feature of the Rigidbot is that you can use multiple printing materials, even at the same time, and can get the printer for less than $500 US including shipping! The smaller Rigidbot has a build volume of 10X10X10 in size. This means that you can print an object up to 10 inches in length, width, and height! The Rigidbot can be used with PLA, ABS, Laywoo-D3, and Nylon 618. In case your search for Nylon 618 filaments isn’t turning up much it is also knows as Taulman 618. Fully assembled the Rigidbot is less than $600 US with this print volume.! The 2nd  print volume size the Rigidbot comes in is 12X16X10 and is less than $700 US for the kit or about $850 US full assembled. You can also add an LCD screen/USB interface to any printer option for $175 US, this would allow you to get feedback directly from the printer on the screen as well as allow you to upload design files into the printer with a flash drive. The Rigidbot company is still in the building phase of these printers and expect to start shipping within the 4th quarter of this year, hopefully in time for an awesome Christmas present. Find out more on Kickstarter!


Rigidbot 3D Printer
Rigidbot 3D Printer|kickstarter.com

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