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The RAPPY 3D Printer


Rapid Advanced Precision Printing System

RAPPY is a PLA-Only, single Extruder, 3D Printer that makes use of a sophisticated Feedback Control System giving it incredible accuracy as well as resistance against sudden or constant vibrations on the surface it’s set on. DC Motors are faster, more powerful, and more responsive than standard Stepper Motors. You would expect the trade-off to be significant added expense but in reality DC Motors are less expensive and are more efficient. DC Motors also show their superiority in that a DC Motor can be smaller and lighter than a Stepper Motor of the same power. The precise motors allow the RAPPY to perform precise 2D Plotting and High Resolution 3D Printing at 100 microns.

3D Printed on the RAPPY | Kickstarter

RAPPY automatically calibrates eliminating the need to try and position the Extruder/Print Head before each Print. This saves a lot of time, stress, and imperfections in your Printed objects. The simplicity of this 3D Printer allows it to deliver consistent results Print after Print. RAPPY has a Build Volume of 170mm x 170mm x 150mm and a magnet-secured Print Bed allowing you to completely and easily remove the Bed surface to make removing your Print or using touch-up material convenient. RAPPY also comes with its own custom 3D Software to make operating your RAPPY simple. During the Kickstarter campaign you get a RAPPY for as low as $699 USD!

Happy Printing!

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