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Rapid Printing Of Circuit Boards With The EX One

The EX Kickstarter Campaign

The EX¹

By Cartesian Co.

The EX One differs from most 3D Printers in that it doesn’t construct common 3D objects, but rather, its purpose is to allow you to design and 3D Print simple or complex Circuits on various types of materials. You can make traditional rigid and flat PCB Board to a flexible board allowing you to make more versatile circuits such as wearable electronics. The EX is beneficial to hobbyists, entrepreneurs, and small business as it is capable of both simple and complex projects. Its obvious that many people see the value of the EX as at the time of this post all of the early bird specials have been gobbled up and the campaign is already 4x its goal within two weeks!

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The EX can even Print Circuits on to paper and cloth with special preparatory material. This unique Printer uses an Additive Manufacturing Process known as Chemical Etching via Electro-less Plating. Chemical Etching is the use of chemical reactions to form the Conductive material. Electro-less Plating is the formation of the Conductive material through a purely chemical reaction rather than one done with an electrical charge.  The Makers (Cartesian Co.) use Silver as the Conductive material rather than Copper; though copper is less expensive, Silver has superior conductivity as well as superior resistance to degradation caused by other chemicals/elements in the air that could react with your Conductive material. Though Copper is used in virtually all electronics the critical electronic components in more complex devices, such as the computer(s) in newer cars and circuits in cell phones, laptops, tablets, and other higher-end devices, are all made with Silver.

Source| Kickstarter Page

The Makers have called on the power of Open Source to create a CAD/CAM software specifically for the EX One Printer. The software includes various presets to build off of which allow the beginner to jump right in and also has a wide range of manual options to please the more experienced. Cartesian Co. makes sure to point out that the Inks/Filaments for the One are very safe and will always remain reasonably priced. Right now you an buy a DIY kit for as low as $1,499 USD with an expected ship date of July of 2014. Visit the EX Kickstarter Campaign Page for more information and to see the other options available.

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