» » » The Rapid One 3D Printer: Professional 3D Printing For Everyone!

The Rapid One 3D Printer: Professional 3D Printing For Everyone!

Rapid One 3D Printer Campaign

The Rapid One 3D Printer

by Rapide 3D

“Bridging The Gap Between Low and High-cost 3D Printers”

For many, it is difficult to find a 3D Printer that is not only affordable but one that is also useful for more than just trinkets or basic hobby items. For the uninitiated spending $2000 or more dollars on a 3D Printer is a hard decision to make, especially if prototyping or making items for sale is something you may not know how to do. As personal 3D Printers become less expensive more people are willing to start their experience, even those with no knowledge of CAD design or engineering. The folks at Rapide 3D are on a mission to fill the void in between 3D Printers for hobbyists and those for individuals and businesses with with deep pockets as many of us are ambitious hobbyists and entrepreneurs who fall in the middle. The Rapid One 3D Printer is high quality, feature packed, and attainable for under $1000 USD at the time of this article!

rapid_one_3d_printer_hatches_open_view|http://rapide-3d.com/rapide-indiegog/Indiegogo%20Campaign%2028.jpgThough testing and refinement is still being performed on the Rapid One 3D Printer, the Rapide 3D team is very experienced in the area of technology, and make it obvious that they are only willing to offer the best at an affordable price. The chassis/Frame of the Rapid One is constructed from aircraft grade Aluminum, making it very rigid which enhances Print accuracy. The exterior is constructed of aluminum, glass, and PVC, contributing to its elegant and professional appearance. The One comes Plug-and-Play, has a SD Card reader for computer-free use, and boasts a Print Resolution as low as 100 microns. It has a Build Volume of 170mm x 170mm x 170mm and has the ability of being able to operate completely enclosed which is beneficial for environments involving children as well as crowds or potential customers that can often become “hands-on” when excited by 3D Printing. The case also features an instant Power on/off button, Stop and Reset job buttons,  as well as an LCD Display which informs you of the Print Bed and Extruder temperature, as well as how much of your project is complete.


During their Indiegogo campaign, you can buy a Rapid One at a drastically reduced price. There is even currently a Christmas special allowing the first 99 buyers to get their Rapid One for only $999 USD! After this special the next batch will be available for as low as $1,499 USD, open to another 100 buyers; the price will increase from there. If you want a One we highly recommend to get yours during the campaign if you can as the price is expected to increase significantly after all the Crowdfunding slots are filled. Rapide 3D will begin shipment of the One as early as February 2014. Don’t let December fool you as that is actually less than 2 months away!


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