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The R-360 Modular 3D Printer

R-360 Kickstarter Campaign

The R-360

Innovative Simplicity

Open Source

The R-360 3D Printer is designed to be a hassle-free Printer, that is also attractive and affordable. The R-360 uses a 360° rotating Print Bed rather than one that is either stationary or that moves only horizontally and vertically. The round rotating Print Bed allows the R-360 to accomplish Prints as fast or faster than many other 3D Printers while using fewer moving parts. This Bed never needs to be calibrated and has a “Scanning Turn-table Mode”, which allows you to use your own 3D Scanner on your

Multiple Color Options

Printed object. This mode is especially useful if you have a Point-and-Shoot Scanner.  Fewer moving parts make the R-360 inherently more reliable and energy efficient than many other comparable 3D Printers. Of course, fewer parts translate into lower cost as well! During the Kickstarter campaign the base model R-360 comes in at 360 Euro/~$481 USD. R-360’s are Modular, allowing you to swap out/upgrade any component, saving you from buying a new Printer as your needs change.

Taken Down For Travel

Your R-360 would come partially assembled leaving only generally assembly that is easy enough for someone new to 3D Printers. The R-360 is lightweight and breaks down in about a minute and can fit in a small suitcase luggage bag.  Another convenient feature of the R-360 Printer is that it gives you access to a free Cloud-based service so that you can design files and operate your Printer from any computer with an internet connection. This eliminates the need to carry a laptop around or having to install drivers and software on every computer you would use your Printer on.

There are a number of upgrades available for the R-360; adding an LCD Screen upgrade would allow you to Print from an already created Design File without the use of a computer due to the integrated SD Card Slot. This option  would add 50 Euro/~$67 USD to the

Vase Made With The R-360

purchase cost. Another cool option is to have your name or something else (up to six characters) Printed into one of the parts. This option includes the LCD upgrade and adds 150 Euro/~$200 USD to the base price. There are a few other options to have your R-360 made in a special custom color or to even have the makers of the R-360 come and personally set up your Printer anywhere in the UK. Speaking of the makers of this wonderful device, meet them in the video below…

 Happy Printing!


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