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The QU-BD One and Two-Up 3D Printers

QU-BD: Quality and Precision

Under $200 USD

QU-BD Kickstarter Campaign

The ingenuity of many in the 3D Printing community never ceases to amaze us and the QU-BD project by Chelsea Simpson of Little Rock, Arkansas, has definitely blown us away. The QU-BD project includes the One-Up and Two-Up 3D Printers; the only difference between the two models is their Build Volume. The One-Up has a Build Volume of 100mm x 100mm x 125mm and Two-Up 175mm x 175mm x 125mm. The QU-BD 3D Printers are quality 3D Printers that are BOTH UNDER $300 USD!

During the Kickstarter campaign the One-Up is only $199 USD and the Two-Up gives you a significantly larger Build Volume at the $279 USD price mark, less than $100 USD more. QU-BD’s leverage the power of the Open Source community and both are currently fully functional models, rather than Prototypes. These Printers should ship in time for the holiday season, with an expected ship date of November 15th, in case you are thinking of treating someone, or even yourself. The QU-BD campaigns main goal is to bulk order electronic components  in order to offer the QU-BD’s at this low price, a goal that they alread exceeded. The Kickstarter campaigns initial $9000 USD goal  was quickly surpassed to generate over $225,000 USD in funding at the time of this article!

50 Micron Print @ 100mm/s (Source|Kickstarter)

The QU-BD’s come as easy to assemble kits so beginners can certainly benefit from these 3D Printers. Your QU-BD will also come with an instructional video on assembly. The QU-BD’s ship as PLA-Only Printers but have the capability for a Heated Print Bed to be added easily. The QU-BD’s also ship with a small amount of Filament so you can enjoy your Printer after assembly without having to worry about ordering Filament. For beginners, the Kickstarter page has a lot of technical jargon but don’t let that scare you off these very simple and affordable 3D Printers. You can meet Chelsea and the QU-BD’s in the video below and

visit the Kickstarter page here!

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