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Portabee 3D Printer

A 3D Printer That Fits In Your Laptop Bag!

The Portabee 3D Printer

portabee_3d_printer|http://portabee3dprinter.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/3d-printer-portabee-kit1-600x600.jpgThe Portabee 3D Printer is a Full-Featured (meaning including heated printer bed) that costs under $500USD that has the ability to be quickly and easily broken down and placed in a standard-sized (laptop bags able to fit laptops with at least 15 inch screens) laptop bag for convenient travel! This 3D Printer is a great choice for mobile demonstrations, business professionals, and hobbyists that always want to have their 3D Printer with them. The Portabee 3D Printer comes as an unassembled kit but Portabee provides very detailed assembly instructions.

We really do mean simple disassembly for traveling; no carrying tools and searching for dropped screws, the Portabee uses snapping clips for quick take-down! The Portabee is also great for schools that would like to enhance their curriculum by offering a loaner program for 3D Printers. Assembling a 3D Printer from a kit is very rewarding after it is complete and operational as it provides a great sense of accomplishment while also helping you to understand how your 3D Printer works. If you have ever purchased a boxed item that is a good mix of metal parts and electronics, such as an electronic treadmill, you should be able to assemble the Portabee 3D Printer from the kit. If you would like to skip assembling the Printer and go straight to Printing, Portabee also offers their 3D Printer fully assembled for $799USD.

Portabee’s idea of a very portable 3D Printer is already gaining much popularity as Portabee tries to keep up with the ever- increasing demand. We always welcome pictures and videos of your Portabee or any other 3D Printer in action! In the video below you can watch a Portabee 3D Printer finishing up a project.

Happy Printing!

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