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PLA Printing Filament

What Is PLA Printing Filament?

The PLA Printing Filament is a polymer, or plastic, that is tough but can be brittle. PLA filament does not withstand heat as well as ABS polymer. PLA filament is a newer polymer to be used for 3D printing that is more environmentally friendly, as it is often derived from corn, even though it biodegrades slowly and not very easily. Even with these drawbacks, PLA is favored in enclosed areas, such as your home, and around children or those with sensitive respiratory systems as the PLA Printing Filament generates less noxious fumes;

Yoda Printed With PLA

even so we highly recommend to use a 3D printer in well ventilated areas. If you will use it in an inside room in your home we recommend that it be a room with a window that can be opened. PLA does not need a heated Print Bed like ABS does and PLA also allows your Printer to operate at lower temperatures; the operating range for PLA is 180 to 220 degrees Celsius/356 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit.  You can buy PLA filament here. For a more technical description of the PLA 3D printing filament please click here.

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  • Tough
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Better For Those With Sensitive Respiratory Systems (Children, Elderly,…)
  • Does Not Require A Heated Print Bed
  • Newer and Quickly Becoming Very Common
  • Brittle
  • Not As Heat Resistant As ABS

Watch 3D Printing PLA Printing Filament In Action!

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