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Peachy: The First $100 3D Printer!



The Peachy 3D Printer

Reinventing 3D Printing

Prices Are In Canadian Dollars (CAD)

If you believe that a functional 3D Printer can not be had at this price point think again! A major indicator of the quality and opportunity the Peachy 3D Printer brings is the fact that at the time of this post Peachy has already reached 700% of their fundraising goal on Kickstarter in only 4 days with still almost a month to go to raise more capital! That was not a typo, Peachy has surpassed its goal 6 times over! The Peachy 3D Printer is incredibly unique as offers a practically unlimited Build Volume, we will explain how it accomplishes this later in this post. According to the developers, even though the Peachy 3D Printer comes as a kit at the $100 CAD price point, it can be fully assembled and ready to go in under an hour and without having technical knowledge! This is quite impressive as most 3D Printers that offer DIY kit options take a majority of orĀ  a full typical 8 hour work-day or longer to build and make ready for its first Print.

Peachy’s declared goal is to make 3D Printers affordable and simple for everyone. The makers of Peachy have made it clear that they are committed to remaining Open Source and to support the 3D Printing community every way they can. The Build Volume is only limited by the space in which you have available to Print. Peachy uses its own special Resin that is designed to fill a given space, this means that you can Print small or if you have enough resin and a large enough container, you can Print as large

Printed With Peachy For Only 10 cents CAD!

as you would like. Since Peachy uses a special resin and not regular 3D Printing Filament you are most likely wondering if Rinnovated Design offers their Printer inexpensively just to “hit” you with a high cost of actually Printing. Some makers do this but this company isn’t one of them. The half-inch solid cube in the image to your right cost 10 cents CAD to Print!

A larger Print example would be Dave, the Presenter in the video at the end of this post, Printing his name with the

Printed With Peachy For Only 50 Cents CAD!

Peachy. To get a little technical, the Peachy is a Stereolithographic Printer; this means it uses a beam of light (laser) to tell the Resin where and by how much to harden into a physical object. Peachy is currently a working Prototype and the developers are Crowdfunding in order to further improve and mass produce Peachy. The other exciting thing about this printer is that there is an add-on option that allows you to 3D Scan with Peachy. Though this attachment is $350 CAD, the Rinnovated Design company makes it a point to let you know that you can simply use your digital camera to do this as well. Don’t be sad if all the early bird specials of $90 CAD on Kickstarter are gone as Peachy is also on the Crowdfunding site Indiegogo. Make sure to visit one of the Crowdfunding pages to find out more about Peachy! In the video below you can meet Dave as he presents the Peachy as the video is literally worth a thousand words!

Very Happy Printing!


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