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The Panther 3D Printer



Sleek With High Quality Construction

Under $1000USD

The Panther 3D Printer comes fully-assembled and ready to go when it arrives at your door and comes in at $960USD. The Panther is made almost entirely out of metal which translates into there being almost zero vibration during your Prints so that your Prints come out clean and accurate. All of the Guide Rods/Guide Ways are stainless steel and the Frame/Chassis is made from aluminum, making the Panther 3D Printer light-weight and highly resistant to warping due to temperature, corrosion, and humidity. The Panther also boasts an excellent Print Resolution that can be compared to 3D Printers in the $1000USD to over $3000USD price range, and even surpasses some of them! It also has a very respectable Print Volume of 202mm (X) x 162mm (Y) x 157mm (Z) or 5.1 Litres.

The Panther 3D Printer also comes with a heated Print Bed allowing you to use both of the most common Filaments, ABS and PLA. All of the software Panther recommends for use with their Printer is free, you can take a look at them here. Documentation to prepare you for your first Print with your Panther 3D Printer can be found here! Visit Panthers website to learn more and order your Panther.


Happy Printing!

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