First Transplant Jaw Created With A 3D Printer

3D Printed Jaw The Netherlands has embraced 3D Printing advancements for some time. In 2012 doctors there claimed to have made the world’s first 3D Printed jaw to be used in transplant surgery. The jaw was fashioned out of Titanium. … Read More

South African Carpenter Continues To Change Lives With Low Cost Prosthetics

Changing Lives With The RoboHand Earlier least year will told you about a South African carpenter who lost four of his fingers in an accident with his table saw. This carpenter, Richard Van As, was determined to continue his passion. … Read More

Dell and Makerbot Team Up To Offer Professional 3D Printing Workstations

Dell and Makerbot Team Up The personal and business computing giant, Dell, has added the Makerbot, (a Dassault Systemes company) line of 3D Printers and 3D Scanners to its portfolio. The Makerbot equipment is designed to work seamlessly work with … Read More

Robotic Arm Creates Beautiful Works Of Art With Light-Sensitive Resin

“3D Printing” In Gel Using Suspended Deposition In the video below a light-curing/light-sensitive Resin is suspended in Gel to create unique objects. This process is called Suspended Deposition. What makes this method of Fabrication so unique is that rather than … Read More

Zeni Kinetic Is Helping Provide Affordable 3D Printing For Schools

Zeni Kinetic Is Giving Away 3D Printer Filament To Schools and Education-Focused Nonprofits Zeni Kinetic understands that a school attempting to enhance the educational experience of its students won’t get very much for its efforts if 3D Printer Filament isn’t … Read More

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