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Alabama’s First Fablab Offers More Than Just 3D Printing

Mind Gear Labs

“Imagine. Create. Ignite.”

We hope everyone had a very happy Christmas! This Christmas season we had the pleasure of visiting Alabama’s first FabLab.

3D Printing at Mindgear Labs|allabout3Dprinting.com
3D Printing at Mindgear Labs

Mind Gear Labs is a very community focused FabLab that has benefits for all age groups. Rob, the founder and CEO of FabLabs and a friendly seasoned engineer, appreciates 3D Printing as it allows you to make complex parts quickly and easily. In the picture above the blue and green blades to the left of the 3D Printer were actually customized for a child’s science fare project. Mind Gear Labs offers classes, programs, and facilities for the entire family; if you have a project that could really benefit from a full workshop, this is where you want to be.

Mind Gear Labs Helix Laser Cutter|allabout3Dprinting.com
Helix Laser Cutter For Your Engraving Needs
Mind Gear Labs CNC Machine|allabout3Dprinting.com
CNC Machine For Your Wood-working And Other Heavy Duty Projects

Activities at Mind Gear make a great after-school program for your young and older children. Let your budding engineer explore their imagination in a safe and helpful environment. While we were there a high school student had just finished building and programming his own retro arcade game system!

The Doodle 3D at Mind Gear Labs|allabout3Dprinting.com
The Doodle 3D Pen lets your little ones be safely hands-on with 3D Printing!
Mind Gear Labs Children's Train Set|allabout3Dprinting.com
Never To Early!






Visit mindgearlabs.com For More!

…and Happy Fabbing!

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