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Makeraser and Makelastic Tools Make Your 3D Prints Better!

Makeraser and Makelastic Let You Undo Mistakes and Improve The Quality Of Your Printed Object

Makeraser helps you further professionalize your 3D Prints by smoothing out rough edges, loose Filament of your Printed object, smooth bumps that can be caused by air in your Filament. Makeraser doesn’t only erase mistakes, you can use Makeraser to cover up any cracks or holes in your Print making your object water tight. If you plan on using your 3D Printer to make object for maritime or an industrial application requiring your object to be water tight, this tool can save you a lot of money and time as you can touch up small gaps in your Printed object rather than having to Print it again hoping to get the desired result.

Makeraser and Makelastic (Click image to enlarge)

The Makelastic tool is very beneficial for those with 3D Printers that have a small Build Volume as Makelastic allows you to 3D Print the object is smaller multiple pieces and then glue the pieces together; Makelastic’s purpose is to make your 3D Printed object more flexible lending it to be glued much easier. Makeraser and Makelastic are actually not just two tools but a handful of tools, touch-up material, glue material, and accessories that make fixing and combining Prints easy and very inexpensive. Makeraser can even help you develop your own Filament colors! The Scraper shown in the picture above solves an issue encountered by many who use 3D Printers. Sometimes even with the best Print Bed surface or Bed covering material your 3D Printed object will stick to the Print Bed or Print Bed materials surface. The Scraper lets you “pry” and lift your object off of your 3D Printer without damaging your object or your Printer. In case you were wondering, the 1095 steel used on for the Scraper is actually the same steel functional Katana’s are made out of so you can expect the Scraper to stand up to some rough treatment!

..actually looks like a frog after Makeraser!
Makeraser, Makelastic, and accessories

During the Kickstarter campaign you can get the Makeraser touch-up tool for as low as $35 USD. There are other options as well but the best option is the complete kit which comes with the Makeraser tool, Makelastic material, glue material, dipping cage (keeps everything neat and easy; not show in picture above), and the other items you see in the picture above; the complete set is only $99 USD! Makeraser will pay for itself very quickly in time, material, and frustration savings and is even beneficial to hobbyists who don’t use a 3D Printer. You can see Christopher LoBello and team present the Makeraser.

Happy and Frustration-Free Printing!

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