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Maker Kase Universal 3D Printer Cabinet

Maker Kase Campaign

Maker Kase: Protecting Your Personal Manufacturing Equipment

Maker Kase is a universal cabinet aimed at enclosing most personal 3D Printers. Not only do many 3D Printers on the market today lack an enclosed frame which helps greatly with the temperature regulation to ensure quality Prints, many 3D Printers have exposed Extruders/Hot Ends which can burn those unfamiliar to 3D Printers. Using Maker Kase to enclose your 3D Printer eliminates the drafts that exist in most rooms which can cause “bubbling” and other issues in your 3D Printed objects. Maker Kase comes with accommodations for a heater and ventilation by way of convenient “knock-out” panels. The majority of the door on the Kase is clear plexiglass which lets you watch your projects while keeping the Kases’ professional look and good temperature regulation.

powder-coated steel versions | Kickstarter

The cabinets come with vibration-reducing feet which are also independently adjustable in case you can’t locate a level platform. To further secure your equipment from curious hands the Kase also comes with a key-secured lock on the front of the door. The Makers, People Wear Inc, plan to begin shipping the Maker Kase in June. During the Kickstarter campaign you can get a powder-coated Kase for as low as $250 USD while the stainless steel version starts at $400 USD. It’s very early in the campaign and all funding levels are still open.

Happy and Bubble-Free Printing!

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