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The LionHead: The First 8 Head 3D Printer!

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The Roar Of 3D Printing Made Easy!


Though on the more expensive end of the spectrum for the 3D Printers we normally share on our site, we believe the Lionhead 3D Printer is worth every penny, and then some! The folks at Radiant Fabrication directly tackle what we believe to be multiple major obstacles to those wanting to adopt a 3D Printer for personal use. The Lionhead seamlessly integrates the hardware, the 3D Printer, with the easy to use software that interacts with it. Visit their Kickstarter page to view videos and find out how to become a beta tester of the Radiant Li 3D Modeling software that comes with the Lionhead. This 3D Printer is more than just a Printer, it can also Scan objects so that your can manipulate them with the Radiant Li software. Radiant Fabrication is committed to producing a reliable and maintenance-free 3D Printer as

The Fully Grown 8 Head Lionhead Printer

they are very correct in their statement that many hours of productivity are lost with some other less intuitive and high-maintenance Printers. In part, the Lionhead accomplishes high reliability while being easy to use by incorporating a Filament Drive that does not need to be readjusted when using various types of Filaments. Also, the Lionhead has Automatic Calibration, this simply means that the Printer always knows where the Print Head/Extruder is along its Axes over the Print Bed. This saves you a lot of time adjusting the Printer so that your Prints come out correctly.

Another major obstacle for most people wanting to adopt 3D Printing for personal use is that they often find 3D Printers much too slow. Radiant Fabrication again tackles a major obstacle in personal 3D Printing by offering  the world’s first 8 Head 3D Printer! This means that instead of just one or two Extruder’s your Lionhead has 8, this allows you to Print your object up to 6 times faster with the Lionhead than with many other leading 3D Printers. Radiant Fabrication also offers a smaller version of their Lionhead, the Lionhead Bunny. The only difference between the Bunny and its big brother is that the Bunny comes with 4 Print Heads instead of 8 and is of course less expensive. During the Kickstarter campaign you can secure your Lionhead for as low as $2,099 USD and the Bunny as low as $1,649 USD!

 Meet The Lionhead!

Fast and Easy=Happy Printing!


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