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Why We Love Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a Crowd-Funding platform that that helps those who have created or are creating a product receive funding. The people/entity seeking funding

Kossel Reached 1600% Of Their Goal With Kickstarter!

offer various perks and rewards to their supporters, such as a lower price on the product once it is released to the public. There have been many success story’s of those using Kickstarter and receiving funding from those interested in the product instead of the traditional bank loan or private investor seeking a stake in the company approach. This Crowd-Funding platform has been around this April of 2009 and is receiving a tremendous boost due to the rapidly increasing popularity of personal 3D Printing. Kickstarter also allows other projects that aren’t technology based, such as music, art, and theater. Kickstarter uses a

very fair business model for those who list their projects. If you have a 3D Printer or Printing idea that you are trying to find support for, this Crowd-Funding platform is quickly being recongized as “the” place for 3D Printing Start-Ups and collects only 3-5% of the money you receive in support of your project as a fee. Kickstarter has an excellent Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page that gives further detailed information about their platform. If you are skeptical about the amount of support a well put together and innovative project can receive you can look at some projects that well exceeded 100% of the their funding goal; some of them include, the Kossel Clear 3D Printer, which surpassed 1600% of their goal and whose Kickstarter link can be found in the article here. Another example is the 3Doodler Pen, which is a Pen that instantly Prints 3D objects without having to have design/engineering/technical skills; they reached 78 times the goal they needed, link can be found at the bottom of the article! You can also view an awesome presentation on the Best Funded Projects On Kickstarter In 2012.

 Hopefully Kickstarter Can Help Put A Smile On Your Face As You Launch Your Ideas

Happy Funding!

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