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Crowd Funding With Indiegogo

indiegogo|http://www.indiegogo.com/assets/igg_logo_color_web_black_v-f5230cf8460d2189a6eedcab748090c5.pngJumpstart Your Ideas With Indiegogo

A Crowd-Funding Engine

Indiegogo is a Crowd-Funding platform similar to Kickstarter. The Indiegogo platform helps you to raise money for your projects and is available worldwide. There is a standard 4% fee on the funds you collect if you reach your goal and 9% if you don’t. The Fixed Funding model will return all contributions to your backers if you do not complete your project while the Flexible Funding model offered allows you to keep the funds that were contributed to your campaign minus a 9% fee. You can see a complete list of the fees breakdown here. A 25% reduction in fees is also offered to all Non-Profit Organizations in the USA. Indiegogo is less restrictive then Kickstarter as they allow almost any campaign, including those that are purely service based/not offering a product to campaign supporters. Indie also does a good job integrating with social media to help you gain exposure for your campaign. The funding of projects and Start-Ups through community/Crow-Funding is challenging the traditional method of bank loans and getting funding from one/or small group of private investors. You can go here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the platform. Below you can find a presentation from Indiegogo about the basics of marketing your ideas using their platform.

Crowd-Funding Marketing 101 Presentation (45 minutes)

Happy Funding!

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