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3D Printed Prosthetics With An Artistic Twist

Designer 3D Printed Limbs

3D Printing has made a huge impact in the Prosthetics industry. 3D Printers allow for Prosthetics to be produced at a drastic reduction in cost compared to traditionally made ones. 3D Printers also allow the limbs to be easily customized/fitted to each person’s different body dimensions and type. 3D Printing is also revolutionizing art and fashion as many are able to unleash their creativity from the comfort of their home or work space. Industrial Designer, Scott Summit, has combined the creativity and flexibility offered by 3D Printing to create fancy 3D Printed Prosthetics. One of the main issues for many individuals who wear Prosthetic limbs is the “self-conscious” feeling at the odd stares people give to something that appears out-of-place. In the pictures below I had to actually stare at some of them to notice that something was out-of-the-ordinary and couldn’t help but admire how attractive they look.


Credit : Scott Summit  and Bespoke Innovations

Image Source | imugr.com

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    This would be an awesome option for all of our Wounded Warriors!

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