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Fabsecure: Protecting Your Intellectual Property


3D Printing and Copyright Protections

Secure, Convenient, Innovative


The Fabsecure service has a goal of helping those who design objects for 3D Printers and those seeking to buy files without having to worry about the possible legal implications. As 3D Printing advances there is a lot of concern over copyright infringement. The concern has increased greatly with the advent of affordable 3D Scanners such as the one from Fuel 3D. Fabsecure offers encrypted Cloud Storage for your files. Your Design Files are secured in such a way that not even employees of Fabsecure can access your files; Fabsecure says, “They (the files) are yours and stay that way”. In addition to the encryption of your actual data a very high priority as also placed on your privacy as a customer. Fabsecures servers are located in Germany, which has strict privacy laws, and the service only functions when you upload/download your files; it only accesses the information about you/your computer necessary to make sure you are actually you. Apart from the Cloud servers that are shared by a majority of its customers, Fabsecure also offers private servers that will be attractive for larger entity’s such as 3D Printing businesses.

The Fabsecure Collaborative 3D Streaming Device

All of the service plan levels offer having your data encrypted and include regular backup of your data in case any of Fabsecure’s servers go down, there is sure to be another server with your data on it. We appreciate that the company actually has a free plan offering that is very good for a personal user of even a family.  Fabsecure also offers an innovative patent-pending 3D Streaming service that is available with their paid plans that allows you and others to collaborate in real-time and design a 3D object securely from wherever you are! You can even set a 3D Printer so that multiple users can Print to it without having to be physically connected to it or even in the same building where the 3D Printer is. The 3D Streaming service requires add-on hardware available from Fabsecure and is verified to be  compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8, as well as Mac OS 10.4.8 and later and Ubuntu Linux. You can see all the available service plans offered here. As 3D Printing advances we feel that addressing the issues that can cause injury to designers, innovators, ETC…need to be addressed; copyright infringement is one of the most critical issues that we are glad to see are beginning to be addressed and solutions presented to that personal 3D Printing can continue to grow.

Happy and Worry-Free Designing and Sharing!


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