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The Eng 3D Printed Smart Phone Cases

Eng Case Examples | https://s3.amazonaws.com/ksr/assets/002/090/829/2e90556c8fa03e2b1444a686d6641d69_large.JPG?1401749415Unique 3D Printed Cases For Your Smart Phone!

Eng Case Campaign

Eng Cases are high quality 3D Printed Smart Phone cases currently available for iPhone’s version 4 and up, Samsung Galaxy’s S4 and up, including the Note 3, and the Nexus 5. Rong, the Maker of the Eng Cases, has harnessed the versatility of 3D Printing to unleash his creativity making the first Smart Phone cases we have seen with moving parts. These cases are constructed out of environmentally friendly PLA Plastic. The gears your see on the cases to your right actually move when you manually toggle a lever on the side of the case. The Eng Cases come in various intriguing designs but go a step further by being glow-in-the dark and with the ability to add custom messages to your case your fancy new smart phone will now be even harder to ignore! During his Kickstarter campaign you can get an Eng Case for as little as 26 CAD/~$24 USD.

Eng Cases Glow In The Dark! | https://s3.amazonaws.com/ksr/assets/002/090/883/94f0c7cc70c8b692690ca0d9e3506c29_large.JPG?1401750082
Eng Cases Glow In The Dark!

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