» » » Doctor Creates 3D Printed Animal Skulls For Display and Jewelry

Doctor Creates 3D Printed Animal Skulls For Display and Jewelry

Skulptures: 3D Printed Animal Skulls

“Miniature animal skulls cast in bronze, silver and gold, created in exquisite detail using CT scans and 3D Printing”

Doctor Camazine hand selects real animal skulls which are used as the templates for his creations. A CT Scan (a computerized X-ray machine) is used to obtain high Resolution images of the skulls which are then imported to a computer, modified with 3D Modeling Software, and finally 3D Printed. These 3D Printed animal skulls have accurate detail which can be studied and appreciated by animal Biologists, Archeologists, and other scientists. Doctor Camazine also adapts the skulls so that they can be mounted in a display case or worn as various types of jewelry. All of the skulls can be casted in Brass, Bronze, Silver, or 14K Gold. Animal skull jewelry and collection is very popular in many countries but finding high-quality jewelry and collectibles is very difficult if not impossible if you can’t locate a specialty store in your area. During the Kickstarter Campaign you can obtain a highly detailed 3D Printed animal skull of your choice made in bronze for as little as $30 USD or you can have a skull made with another material!

Doctor Camazine Introduces Skulptures: 3D Printed Animal Skulls

Happy Examining (or accessorizing)!

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