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New Line Of Rugged High Performance Extruders From DGlass3D

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DGlass3D HPX Campaign

DGlass3D (D3D) Gives Their Extruder’s A Super Upgrade!

Extreme Performance HPX-Line Extruders

D3D Improved Extruder Explained
D3D HPX2 Direct Mount
D3D HPX2 Max

Last year we told you about two innovative 3D Printer Extruder’s that would allow you to significantly increase the Print speed of your 3D Printer and to 3D Print in up to four colors at once as well. D3D has spent hundreds of hours on research and testing to improve the past models and bring you a new line of high performance Extruder’s that are incredibly reliable and they look great on a 3D Printer too! D3D Extruder’s give you the ability to convert a consumer level/hobbyists quality 3D Printer into a professional Maker for as little as $105 USD! All of D3D’s new Extruder’s are built to last with strong machined metal parts rather than the Plastic used with some Extruder’s which fail after time due to constant exposure to high temperatures. The Extruder’s are fully developed, tested, and ready for your Maker but D3D wants your help to bulk order parts to bring these Extruder’s to the Maker community as inexpensively as possible. This new HPX-line of Extruder’s have been tested to work well with ABS, PLA, Nylon, HDPE, and PVA Filaments.

Source | DGlass3D Kickstarter Campaign

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