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Elegance Through Simplicity

No, it’s not a typo; Deltaprintr is a team of young entrepreneurs bringing you a very affordable and simple Delta-style 3D Printer that is a pleasure to watch even when it’s perfectly still. Deltaprintr is easy to set up and operate making it ideal for beginners. Delta-style 3D Printers are generally faster than traditional 3D Printers due to the use of Effectors, generally referred to as Control Arms, to move the Extruder. While the Extruder moves in perfectly straight lines on traditional personal 3D Printers the Control Arms on the Delta-style 3D Printer allow the Extruder to moved at various angles other than just 180° and 90°.


Deltaprintr is a PLA-only Printer that can 3D Print your object in a circular manner and because circles are continuous you save the time in which traditional 3D Printers take to move the Extruder off of your project and then back on to begin another Layer. Though not all projects require a traditional 3D Printer to do this you will still save time as Delta-style 3D Printers don’t dedicate a motor (usually Stepper Motors) to a given direction of motion (known as an Axes). This allows the Delta Printers to operate more smoothly which is important as the act of one motor deactivating and another one taking over to move the Extruder in another direction takes time, though a fraction of a second, it does add up! Also, because Deltaprintr uses high-strength, and abundant, fishing line rather than belts to move the Control Arms attached to the Extruder as well as a Frame in which extra aluminum rods can be added easily, you can increase your Build Height whenever you want for very little cost!

deltaprintr_3d_printer_specifications|https://s3.amazonaws.com/ksr/assets/000/950/383/50e7c52eebae04f521172801915301ad_large.png?1380000022Though all of the early bird DIY kits have been snatched up in less than a week of the Deltaprintr Kickstarter campaign launching you can still get your fully assembled Deltaprintr for as little as $655 USD! Below, you can meet the Deltaprintr team as they present…well…the Deltaprintr!

Happy Printing!

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