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Dangers Of 3D Printing:Part I

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Health Risks And Job Loss

The Dangers Of 3D Printing:Part I

Job Loss

This series will be on the current Dangers Of 3D Printing and also any new ones that should arise. With any advancement in the use of technology comes additional considerations and precautions to be taken; for 3D Printers this is no different from any other area of manufacturing. 3D Printers have actually been in use by large businesses and corporations, mainly factories, for a few decades; a great majority of manufactured goods purchased over the last two decades have been manufactured using Rapid Prototyping. In the commercial world 3D Printing is simply called Rapid Prototyping. Rapid Prototyping is simply using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, such as Autocad, to design a model or part and a few different manufacturing methods fall under Rapid Prototyping. Think of when you would always try and draw a house on an Etch A Sketch. 3D Printers commonly melt plastics/filaments and force them through a Print nozzle, called the Extruder, to basically draw an object. When the plastic cools the object hardens or sets.

The first main concern of the personal 3D Printer revolution, is that if essentially anyone can make their own manufactured goods what will happen to the jobs of the people employed in manufacturing?

Dream Catcher

This is a very legitimate concern. We find it only beneficial to be completely honest about all aspects of 3D Printing and would have to say that some jobs would be lost. We believe in particular those jobs that focus on the pouring of plastic into molds and carving objects out of plastics, even though Rapid Prototyping has been used for this purpose for quite some time. Many items, such as the cases of laptops, cellular phones, and other electronics, are made with machinery and are then usually assembled and inspected by people. We do not believe that 3D Printers will replace a majority of  unique hand made items in the near future as many of these items combine the use of various materials, such as metal, cloth, plastic, wood, and other materials into one object. That is currently too complex and expensive for personal 3D Printers. A 3D Printer could be used to Print the parts of an object that are acceptable to be made out of plastic or other materials available for your Printer. There are newer filaments coming out that are allowing 3D printers to Print with liquid metal and plastics that have wood-like properties. We feel that there are some items that are too unique to be completely 3D Printed such as a Dream Catcher. A Dream Catcher is a Native American unique work of art with deep spiritual meaning that is made using a combination of wooden or fiber hoops, feathers, beads, and sometimes even metal.

There are many ways in which the 3D Printing Revolution is creating jobs rather than replacing them. This is true particularly in areas such as graphic design, CAD experience, engineering, programming, software development, and business development. You can see some of these opportunity’s listed under the “jobs” link on the menu on the left side of our home page. This renewed demand in engineering, design, and programming will boost various skills and the economy. 3D Printing will always need people as true innovation and imagination can only come from people. We look forward to the creativity and innovation that will be birthed from the 3D Printer Revolution.

The Health Risks Of 3D Printing Will Follow Later This Week As Part II

Happy Printing!

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