» » » Create 3D Objects Right From Your Web Browser WIth 3DTin

Create 3D Objects Right From Your Web Browser WIth 3DTin

Freedom To Do 3D Design Anywhere, Anytime!

3DTin is an online design software that works with any Operating System that can use the Firefox or Google Chrome web browser. 3D Tin is free for non-commercial use (Creative Commons License). If you buy the premium 3DTin service you can even store your creations privately in the Cloud so you can access your projects from any computer. 3DTin has an incredibly simple interface which provides basic shapes that save you the time of making rudimentary, but often time-consuming, shapes. The 3DTin service exports your project in widely used formats, such as .stl, so that your design can be imported to and other 3D software, including the one that may operate your 3D Printer. Though a simple online software you can create realistic objects without the hassle of some more complex programs. 3DTin strikes us as a combination of programs like Microsoft Paint and the Shape-Art feature of Microsoft Word. If you have design ideas but are intimidated by the time it would take to learn a more complex Design Software, we recommend you get your jump-start by giving 3DTin a try.

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