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Convert Your Pictures From 2D To 3D Objects!

We Are Super Excited About The 2D To 3D Photos-To-3D Printed Objects Software From Autodesk!

Ritual Rhino

We are excited by the Catch service offered by Autodesk on 123dapp.com. Regular photos are considered 2-dimensional (2D); 2D objects, such as photos, are just simply flat objects. The Catch service allows you to take pictures of an object to then be turned into a multi-sided,3-dimensional(3D) Print! You simply use your camera to take pictures of all the sides of the object; you can even use the camera on your phone to then import the pictures into the Catch software. Not only can you take the pictures from your phone but the Catch software is also available for iPhone and the iPad tablet device allowing you even more mobility than your laptop computer.

You can also make customisations to your object before you have your 2D to 3D creation Printed! You can download the Catch software to your computer which is currently only available for the Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows XP operating systems. If you are using a Mac, Linux, or other operating system, dont worry, as Autodesk also has an online version of their 2D to 3D software that you can use! Friends and family will look at you really weird when you start taking pictures of all sides of them until you tell them about this!

See What It’s Like Using The Catch Service!

You can find out more about the Autodesk company by visiting their Home Page or viewing their Wiki

Happy 2D To 3D Printing!

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