» » Contour Crafting: Full-Sized Custom Homes In A Day!

Contour Crafting: Full-Sized Custom Homes In A Day!

3D Printing (Contour Crafting) Homes

Custom Rapid and Efficient Architecture

As 3D Printing advances more benefits are uncovered; from medical and safety to entertainment and automotive. The 3D Printing process

Doctor Behrokh Khoshnevis; Pioneer Of Contour Crafting

is very efficient and environmentally friendly since it uses Additive rather than Subtractive Manufacturing; this means that 3D Printers use only the amount of material necessary to build objects since the materials are placed down layer-by-layer rather than cut from exisiting material which leaves waste behind. The process discussed in the video below is known as Contour Crafting, which uses a computer-controlled crane for rapid building construction.  Dr. Khoshnevis is optimistic that this technique could alleviate the world wide housing crisis, both in the US and around the world. The video, about 12 minutes long and worth every minute, introduces the benefits of 3D Printing buildings as oppose to traditional manufacturing.

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