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Affordable 3D Printed Prosthetics

Carpenter Develops An Affordable 3D Printed Prosthetic Hand



Creator: Richard Van As

┬áRichard Van As is a carpenter that lost four of his fingers in an accident involving a saw 2 years ago. Instead of giving up on his passion Mr. Van looked for ways to be able to continue carpentry. With the revolution of personal and affordable 3D Printing Mr. Van was able, with the assistance of his design partner in the US, Ivan Owen, to develop a prosthetic hand that also has functional fingers. Prosthetics are artificial limbs, such as hands and feet, made with the purpose of aiding people with missing or deformed limbs. Prosthetics are generally very expensive, thousands to tens-of-thousands USD, so Mr. Van’s original goal was create something for himself to replace the use of the fingers that he lost. The RoboHand came out so well that Mr. Van has been helping children with deformities with it. To further show the kind of man he is, Mr. Van is refining the RoboHand as much as possible in plans to make the Design File available free to download so anyone can make a 3D Printed prosthetic hand. The RoboHand costs 65 Euros, or about $87USD to make! Mr. Van is currently in the process of setting up a non-profit organization with the primary focus of helping children with deformities. You can read the full article and see videos of the RoboHand here.

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