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A Dual And Quad Extruder

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An Innovative Extruderquad_extruder_for_3d_printers|https://s3.amazonaws.com/ksr/assets/000/816/573/c9453664dc17894685bec4042f43af9a_large.png?1376055651

Give Your Printer The Ability To Print In Multiple Colors

Dual and Quad Extruders

by Dglass 3D

The Extruder for your 3D Printer is the part that heats/melts your Filament so that it is soft enough to be Printed with. 3D Printers less than $2000USD usually only allow you to Print in one color at a time with few exceptions. The innovative Extruders by the Douglass Brothers of Dglass 3D aims to give you the ability to add this feature to even your self designed and built 3D Printer. The Dual Extruder by Dglass 3D allows you to Print with up to two different color Filaments at once but the physical part only takes up half of the space your single Extruder currently takes up on your 3D Printer. The Quad Extruder allows you to Print with up to four different color Filaments at once.  These Extruders are currently only compatible with 1.75mm Filament. The other major benefit is that you are not restricted to using multiple colors of the same type of Filament, with these Extruder heads you will be able to use multiple types of Filament together Printed into the same object! The Douglass Brothers are also having specialized software developed as these Extruder heads will require software that can coordinate the what the multiple Filaments do and when.

Dglass 3D’s current Kickstarter campaign also gives supporters the ability to vote on the design they like best for their invention. We believe the supporters and those who have taken interest have asked excellent question about this project and that Dglass has done an equally wonderful job answering questions. You can find the question and answers section of the project here. The main page for their Kickstarter page is here. Watch a Duo in action below and there are many more videos on the Kickstarter page. We are excited by the rapid Open Source driven advancements in 3D Printing for all the opportunity’s they bring.

Watch The Duo Extruder In Action!

Happy Extruding!

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