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3D Printed Jewelry from American Pearl

3D printed jewelry
A Tahitian Pearl Koi fish ring we customized on American Pearl’s website

**All pieces pictured designed by A3DP team**

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, chances are you’re still scambling to find the perfect gift for that special someone. You stare at the calendar and wonder what you could possible get that’s affordable, yet unique before the big day.

Worry no more! Thanks to 3D Printing, you can design that gift with your recipient in mind, without going broke. How about 3D printed jewelry?

Now, don’t worry. 3D printed jewelry does not mean poorly made nor does it mean using low quality materials. American Pearl is an American owned pearl company, located in prestigious Diamond District of New York City since the 1950’s. Thanks to 3D Printing, they give you the option of customizing many of their rings, earrings and pendants with different colored pearls, metal choices and additional precious stones. You don’t have to be intimidated with designing a piece completely from scratch; there are already several beautiful base options waiting for your unique touch.
Once American Pearl receives your customized order, the Solidscape T76 3D Printer is used to create a wax model of the piece. From there, a heat resistant mold is created and the metal of your choice (gold, silver or platinum) is poured into it, and the final design refined.

3D printed jewelry
Customized Diamond and Pearl Earrings from American Pearl

Eddie Bakhash, CEO and son of the store’s founder, likes giving customers more control over their purchases. “What we love about 3D Printing is that consumers save a lot of money and lot of time having something 3D printed,” he said in a recent interview. What used to take him up to two weeks to create can now be done in a few hours, which saves time and money.”Typically the savings are passed off to the consumers,” Bakhash said, noting that his pieces tend to cost one-quarter of standard retail prices.

According to Fox News, American Pearl hopes to use 3D Sintering (SLS) in the near future to make more complex designs. 3D Sintering uses the additive manufacturing process; that way, they will be able to liquefy the dust from the precious metals using a Laser. They will then create several fine layers until the piece is completed.

3D Printed Jewelry
Key To Her Heart pearl pendant with chain

Business has boomed since customers were given this option. In November and December alone, jewelry sales doubled, and Bakhash attributes this solely to 3D Printing. Based on the positive feedback they have received, the company also plans to expand its customization options this year.

Currently, there is a Valentine’s Day sale going on. You can save 10% by entering the code: Love555 at check out. In order to get your piece delivered on time, you can upgrade from free FedEx shipping to overnight delivery for an additional $35. If you run into any difficulties while customizing your order, their helpful sales staff are not only a phone call away; the site offers a live chat option too.

New American Pearl 5
New American Pearl 4
New American Pearl 2
New American Pearl 1
New American Pearl 6
New American Pearl 3

So be sure to check out American Pearl for a creative alternative to Valentine’s Day jewelry. Your Valentine (and your wallet) will definitely thank you!

Visit them at americanpearl.com

Happy (Romantic) Printing!

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