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3D Printed Guitars Taking Center Stage

3D Printing and Rock & Roll

Olaf Diegel (Olaf Diegel Design) |odd.org.nz

It appears 3D Printing is even revolutionizing the music industry. Olaf Diegel has harnessed his creativity with Cubify 3D Printers to create unique and intricate guitars. Olaf uses Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D Printing technology to Laser Etch/Print his custom masterpieces. A Nylon powder is super-heated with the Laser(s) and

3D Printed Fender Stratocaster

fused to the hardware (neck, board, etc…) of each guitar. With this method you can expect NOT to see any gaps in construction that you may be use to seeing in many guitars. Though on his website you have many unique guitars to choose from, Olaf and Cubify allow you to customize your guitar by modifying the color, adding your or your band’s name, and more on the Cubify Website! The parts that aren’t 3D Printed, such as Olaf’s neck and fret board’s, are constructed only from sustainable types of wood.

sources | odd.org.nz (Olaf’s Website) | ponoko.com | cubify.com |

All Images | Credit: odd.org.nz

3D Printed Guitar In Action!

Credit | odd.org.nz

Happy Musical Printing!

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