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3D Print With Metals With The Mini Metal Maker

  The Mini Metal Maker

Mini Metal Maker Campaign

“We Are Very Impressed With This Metal 3D Printing Startup

Open Source

The Mini Metal Maker (MMM) is a 3D Printer that makes objects out of Clay rather than traditional Plastic. This 3D Printer is great for making various simple and complex objects. David Hartkop, the creator of the Mini Metal Maker, and his team, have 3D Printed everything from Jewelry to functional gears! The Mini Metal Maker is already a working prototype that this team is working to improve through their IndieGoGo campaign. This campaign is more of what we call an Assistive campaign rather than an All-Or-Nothing; MMM will still be produced if the funding goal is not reached, it would just take longer. This Printer currently works with 5 different types of clay; you can Print your object in “Copper, Bronze, Steel, SIlver, and Gold.” One of the main goals of the campaign is to add a second Extruder Head to the MMM enabling you to Print with multiple Clays at the same time; that would be especially beneficial when creating jewelry. Another main goal of the MMM team is to create specialized software for this Printer that would be easy for non-technical users to operate.


The Mini Metal Maker is a home engineers/Tinkerers delight as the metal parts created can be used to conduct electricity and create components for electronics. Artists and home Jewelers, especially, can benefit from the MMM very much. The MMM is also being designed to accept SD Cards so that it would not always need to be attached to a computer in order to Print your already designed objects. The Mini Metal Maker itself is also great around children and the elderly as all of the clays are water-soluble and nontoxic so the MMM does not produce any Fumes or noxious smells. Do note, however, that to treat the Clay you will have to use a Kiln. Kilns are simply ovens, many being similar to toaster ovens, that are made specifically for the treating of clay. Kilns operate at very high temperatures and in

Microwaveable Kiln

most cases should be used outdoors, or in an area such as your garage with the garage door open, and away form anything flammable including materials such as dry leaves. Even though a proper Kiln should keep all of its heat, or “fire”, within itself it’s better to be “too safe.” We have found a well rated affordable Kiln on amazon.com. You can use this Kiln indoors as you actually place the special container in your microwave to do the heating! We recommend first time 3D Printer users do as much research as possible and ask the MMM creators as many questions as you can as this style of Printer is more advanced, and the Printing process more invovled, than standard consumer 3D Printers that use plastic and are generally easier to operate.

There are a couple of different options for buying the Mini Metal Maker; for $250 USD you can purchase a kit that comes will the core parts. This kit also comes with instructions on how to assemble your MMM and what others parts (easily found locally) you will need to buy to complete your Printer. For $500 USD you will receive everything that comes in the $250 kit as well as the Stepper Motors, Bearings and Guides. For $750 you will receive all of the parts from the MMM company to build a complete Printer. At $1000 your MMM comes fully assembled with some Clay ready to go. Lastly there is a $1500 USD option that comes with the assembled MMM, 3 tubes of Clay (Filament), a torch and fire/firing pot (to use as your Kiln). Meet the MMM in the video below!

Happy “Forging”!


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